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Expert Appraisers


Understanding the value of your item is the most difficult part in determining how much money you can expect to receive.


Traditionally, a buyer or pawnbroker would start low, slowly increasing the loan amount until the seller accepted it or the pawnbroker said "take it or leave it."


At Halifax Buy and Sell, we use numerous price guides, online resources, and expert trained apraisers to determine the value of your item. Sellers view the entire process, so buyers and sellers are on the same page, and sellers do not leave feeling taken advantage of.


In many cases, the amount we offer is more than what the client wants, leaving room for an increase at a later date if more money is needed. 


Security is essential


It can be scary leaving an heirloom at a pawn shop with risks of break ins and theft. Many traditional pawn shops in the city have little more than a deadbolt between your item and would-be thieves.


At Halifax Buy and Sell, the shop is monitored by a 24 hour alarm company, windows and doors are secured by strong welded steal, and numerous conspicous and hidden cameras in addition to a top-of-the-line safe ensure the security of your item when you pawn with us. .

What to bring?


It may be difficult to decide what Item you should pawn, and there are a number of things to consider when your are trying to figure out your needs. 


The first thing to determine is how much money you need and for how long you will need it. If it is between $20 and $1000, and you'll be able to pay it back within 90 days, a pawn maybe your best option.


Now that you know how much you need, a good rule of thumb is that you should expect to receive approximately 25% of the retail value of an item (it could be a little more or less depending on the age and shape of the item). When it comes to gold or silver, you can expect as much as 90% of gold or silver's spot price, which is why most people choose to pawn their gold, as it is easy to transport and is valuable. 


If you need $100, bring in your $400 40' tv or your 1/10 ounce gold coin. Either way, we should be able to meet your needs. Be sure to bring your government-issued ID whenever you are selling or pawning an item at Halifax Buy and Sell.






Whether you received an unexpected bill, your car broke down, or life just happened, pawning your valuables can be stressful when you've never done it before or you don't trust the person behind the counter. Visit us and we'll be happy to set your mind at ease.

What is a pawn?

At Halifax Buy and Sell, we offer a buy/sell agreement for individuals who need cash but don't want to give up their valuables. It is very simple. A person sells their item and agrees to buy it back. When they do, a small service charge is applied to the buy back price, and they get their item back. If they choose not to buy it back, that's okay, too. The item simply gets displayed for sale.


Unlike other cash lenders, there are no credit checks, and we don't need your mother's maiden name. We appreciate your business, and you will always be welcome back, even if you choose not to pick up an item.