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Effortless and Transparent 
ISG Certified Assessors 

Shop owner Casey Gallant has studied at the International School of Gemology and received certification in assessing diamonds, coloured stones, and watches. As a result, Halifax Buy and Sell is the only pawn shop in Halifax that can complete detailed assessments and offer reasonable amounts on your gold, diamonds, coloured stones, and high end watches.  

If you choose to sell to Halifax Buy and Sell, you will leave with confidence knowing that you were given a fair price for your item. We work collaboratievely with you to determine the resale value of your item and offer you a price based on the information we find together.  



Whether you want some extra money or are just looking to declutter your home and free up some space, selling can be stressful. If you don't know what your item is worth or how much you should ask for it, you need to be able to trust the person you're selling it to. At Halifax Buy and Sell, we offer honest and open value assessments with the experience needed to get it right.